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  • 8/11/09 : Jason K. / Clive, IA
    I just received my 1st free fly 2 piece suit from Firefly and the fit, colors & cut are PERFECT. I will be definitely be ordering my RW suit from Firefly. The service and communication were both top notch. Can't wait to jump the new suit!

  •  4/6/09 : Dan G. / Des Moines, IA
    I have been skydiving for over 40 yrs.  I have bought suits from several different Vendors.  Just got measured for a RW suit, Freefly & Swoop Pants,  after seeing Firefly's operation in person. Wow, amazing quality and design. Can't wait to get them. Couch Freak #1

  •  4/6/09 Kelsey F. / Edmonton Canada
    Picked up a 3-piece freefly/camera suit used recently. Suit construction is awesome, and the camera jacket rocks! I\'ll definitely order Firefly again, if this suit ever wears out!

  •  10/26/08 : Jeff J. | LA, CA
    As usual, you always know how to deliver a stellar product! What a difference!!! YOU ROCK! 

  • 9/15/08 : Mr Hixx | Lincoln, NE
    You are.... How do you say?· ah yes,·sexy! Thank you for the quick turnaround. See you at the Couch Freaks Boogie.

  • 8/09/08 : Brian T | Des Moines, IA
    Thank you for the AMAZING suit! The fit was perfect!! I am so happy to have·chosen you to do my design. I cant wait to get the freefly pants!

  • 7/6/08 : Toni L | LA, CA
    Always a pleasure to do business with you. Keep up the great work!·

  •  6/7/08 : Miranda | Houston, TX
    I have been in the sport for well over 10 years and I have never been fit so nicely for a suit before. I have to say... My ass looks great!

  • 5/22/08 : Eric P | Miami, FL
    Thank you for the great service! I will recomend you to many of my friends! Hope to see you at Couch Freaks.